Drunk woman steals ferry and shouts “I’m Jack Sparrow”

Alison Whelan took a joyride on the Dart Princess after two-day Lambrini bender

A drunk woman stole a ferry and shouted “I’m Jack Sparrow” while she caused mayhem on the River Dart.

Alison Whelan had been drinking Lambrini and chewing hallucinogenic plants for two days before she embarked on an hour-long joyride aboard the 100-seat ferry Dart Princess (pictured above).

After untying the mooring ropes, Whelan and a friend bounced up the estuary “like a pinball machine” shouting “I’m a pirate”, according to eye witnesses.

Over 30 ambulance, police, coastguard and RNLI officers saw the ferry collide into a £70,000 fibreglass catamaran, Force Majeure, causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage and hit a moored vessel called Tomcat.

Torquay magistrates’ court heard that Whelan, “noticed the hotels getting a long way away” before dialling 999 and identifying herself as Jack Sparrow, the lead role in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise.

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According to a report in The Sun, Whelan said: “What are you going to do now? I believe this is out of your jurisdiction.”

The pair finally came to a stop in still water about a mile upstream where lifeboats arrived to ferry them back to the harbour.

Whelan was found guilty and sentenced to 122 days in jail.

Images: Dart Princess by Photomage

Jack Sparrow by Loren Javier