Dubai pulls out

Shock announcement could affect future of Class 1 powerboats

In an announcement that has shocked offshore powerboat racing, Saeed Hareb tendered his resignation as Chairman of the World Professional Powerboat Association (WPPA) and then announced that Dubai would no longer be hosting any event sanctioned by the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM).

No reason was given for this dramatic decision but it is well known fact that little love is lost between WPPA, Hareb and the UIM.

With Dubai’s Victory team winning its eighth UIM World Class 1 title on Saturday it is now uncertain whether Dubai will continue to be involved with the UIM World Class 1 Series after supporting the sport for almost two decades.

The withdrawal of UIM events in Dubai could seriously affect teams, including several British crews such as the 2008 225hp Honda Formula 4-Stroke champions, Gavin Parsonage and Nathan Libby, preparing for the 2009 financially rewarding six litre Class 3 championships almost entirely centred in the UAE.