Elling E4 takes centre stage in Amsterdam art exhibit

Visitors to Amsterdam’s financial district this month will be confronted by an unusual site – a new Elling E4 motoryacht stranded in Gustav Mahler Square

Boats have featured in many great art works over the years, but now a Dutch modern artist has created a new twist on the old theme with his latest installation.

Leo van Munster has placed a brand new Elling E4 motor boat in Amsterdam’s Gustav Mahler Square, creating an exhibit that he calls ‘Fortuna’.

Named after the Roman goddess of fortune and misfortune, the installation hopes to trick visitors into thinking that there has been a tsunami, thus reflecting the hectic and chaotic nature of our times.

As Leo puts it: “A ship on her side stands not only for a ship that can’t continue her journey, but also for a ship that can be put right and can continue her trip to new challenges.

“This says something about an enormous will power. The power to survive, the power to continue.”

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Anton van den Bos, CEO of Elling Yachts, adds that he was happy to lend Leo an Elling E4 for this project, because of what it symbolises.

“Should you be stranded or run aground whilst on board an Elling, there is no problem,” he claims. “Just wait for the tide and you can continue your journey.”

Elling is no stranger to publicity stunts – last year Anton climbed aboard an Elling E4 that was intentionally capsized in order to prove its self-righting abilities.

The Elling E4 exhibit will be on display in Amsterdam’s Gustav Mahler Square until March 28.