Elling E4 is capsized – with company CEO inside!

Watch what happens when you deliberately capsize an RCD Cat A Elling E4

Talk about standing by your product – the CEO of Dutch boatbuilder Elling sat inside one of his company’s E4 models this weekend while it was deliberately capsized.

Anton van den Bos took part in the demonstration to show off the E4’s RCD Category A credentials, which mean the boat can withstand Force 8 winds and four-metre seas.

The Elling successfully rolled through 360°, after which van deer Bos started the 425hp Cummins diesel and motored away.

The boat had a standard fit-out, comprising generator, heating, dishwasher, electric toilets, TV and furniture. The only modification for the test was the removal of some floor hatches.

Elling is no stranger to attention grabbing stunts – in 2008, three of its 50ft E4s crossed the Atlantic in a 16-day, 2,600-nautical mile nonstop voyage.

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