Exhibition of work by Kos Evans

Aerial shots of powerboats at 100mph and more

Kos Evans, one of the world’s top marine photographers, will hold the first major exhibition of her work at Getty Images Gallery in London from 12 September until 22 September.

The exhibition will feature some of Kos’s most dramatic and breathtaking photographs, spanning more than 25 years as an award-winning marine sports photographer.

“Whether one sails or not, this exhibition offers something for everyone from the abstract images to the visually stunning classic shots,” says Getty Images Gallery director Louise Garczewska.

As well as some extraordinary masthead shots, taken some 200ft from the deck, the exhihbition features some of her shots of powerboats, taken while hanging out of a helicopter 20 feet off the water at 100mph.

“The sea is a moving canvas that changes by the millisecond and I have strived to show its every aspect,” Kos says. “You must always perceive the action before it happens.”

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