Fairey Marine reveals plans to revive Huntsman

Teak decks and a cold-moulded, epoxy-sheathed cedar hull will feature on the first Fairey Marine model

Exactly 40 years after going into liquidation, one of the great marine icons of the 1960s is set to return.

Restoration specialist Mark Lewis of Custom Yacht Works has announced plans to rebuild the Fairey Huntsman range under the name Fairey Marine.

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Mark told MBY that he is determined to keep the bloodline going: “Faireys are timeless designs, they’re world renowned.

“I’ve always wanted to build a new one of these. But if we were going to do it, it would have to be a competent wooden boat.”

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It is this need for a practical vessel that has led Mark to opt for a blend of modern and traditional elements.

So classic teak decks are to be twinned with a modern cold-moulded epoxy-sheathed cedar hull. Modified spray rails are then added to make for a smoother and drier ride.

Plans are also afoot to revive the Fairey Cinderella (rendered below), but with a stretched hull that brings the design up from its original 14ft to a more practical 18ft.

Fairey Marine - Cinderella

Mark intends to showcase his plans during the summer boat show season, alongside a restored Fairey Huntsman, although on-sale prices are not yet confirmed.