Ferretti CEO Salvatore Basile dies

58-year-old Basile suffered a heart attack on Sunday

Ferretti Group’s CEO, Salvatore Basile, died on Sunday of a heart attack. He was 58.

In a statement, Ferretti said: “He will always be remembered for the great love he had for his work, his strategic vision and strong, sensitive personality, qualities he managed to convey instantly to all Group employees, with enthusiasm, motivation and strength.

“The entire Ferretti Group team, Chairman Norberto Ferretti, the Board of Directors and the Executive committee, are deeply shaken by his premature death, and share the sorrow that Mrs Basile and family bear.”

Basile took over the reins at Ferretti in 2009 during a turbulent time for the company, which had been left with a debt burden of over €1 billion following a private equity takeover in 2006.

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