Ferry hit by freak wave in Wellington Harbour

A commuter ferry is hit by a large wave as it crosses from Days Bay to Seatoun in Wellington Harbour

Dozens of passengers had to be rescued from a ferry after it was damaged by a large wave while crossing Wellington Harbour in New Zealand last week.

According to 3 News, the incident happened as the ferry made a commuter run from Days Bay to Seatoun on 2 March. The vessel’s front windows were smashed, injuring the skipper, and tons of water flooded in, putting one of its engines out of action.

The ferry was soon severely down by the bows and unable to make headway, and was wallowing in large swells about 100m off the beach. Its plight was noticed by lifeguards at Worser Bay who immediately launched an inflatable rescue boat to go to the ferry’s aid.

A second inflatable soon joined in and between them they ferried 44 passengers, many of whom were

students, ashore.

Two men were treated for hypothermia while several others suffered minor injuries, mainly caused by flying glass.

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SEE FOOTAGE of the stricken ferry on the 3 News site.