A final journey to remember in a narrowboat coffin

Boating fanatics can now give their funeral a nautical twist with this narrowboat coffin design

There are no shortage of boating fanatics out there, as this website (and our forum) regularly bears testament to, but is a narrowboat coffin taking the obsession too far?

Creative Coffins clearly thinks not, as their latest design (pictured above) features a twee selection of canal boat scenes.

But the creativity doesn’t end there, as June Ozanne, sales director at Creative Coffins explains.

“Virtually anything is possible. We have been asked to design everything from Viking chiefs and vintage cars to DJ decks and daffodils.”

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Founded in 2008, Creative Coffins caters to the needs of those looking for a unique and environmentally friendly funeral.

Each narrowboat coffin is made from sustainably sourced wood pulp and recycled cardboard, which can be used in a green funeral or a cremation.

And with a starting weight of less than 10kg, the narrowboat coffin is much lighter than its canal-bound inspiration, thereby cutting transport costs and carbon emissions.

But if you’re still not convinced then there is an alternative, as we reported last year. Pheonix Boatworks Canoe Caskets is a company in Texas that creates 11ft hulls that are the next best thing to a Viking funeral.