Firefighters free man from boat steering wheel

It took firefighters more than an hour to cut free a man who got his finger stuck in his boat’s steering wheel

Australian firefighters were called to free a man who got his finger firmly stuck in a boat steering wheel. The man, in his early twenties, had been boating on lakes near Bendigo, north of Melbourne, on Sunday when he inadvertently attached himself to the wheel and was unable to pull his finger free.

With great presence of mind he managed to remove the wheel from the boat and, with his finger still stuck in it, made his way to Bendigo Health Hospital for help. Hospital staff were unable to free him, however, so they called in firefighters who used a small grinder and took just over an hour to carefully cut the wheel away from his finger.

“They were extremely careful not to cut the finger as well as making sure the heat from the disc didn’t hurt him”, said a fire service spokesman.

“By the end of the procedure he was very interested in what we were doing and even had a few suggestions”, he added.

The man, who hasn’t been named, was later released from hospital after treatment.

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