First-time skipper lands boat on pontoon

Man fled after jumping sportsboat onto the wooden pontoon in Austria

A drunken boatowner asked his friend to take the controls of his Ski Nautique, only to then find his boat ‘parked’ on a large pontoon on Lake Worthersee, Austria.

An eyewitness said that they saw the boat fly up the steps leading from the water to the pier, where its propeller carried on chewing up the decking until the engine stalled.

By the time the police arrived, the friend, who has not been named for legal reasons, had left the scene.

Police spokesman Thomas Bauer, said, “Unfortunately his friend had never operated a boat and had no licence to pilot one, which is an offence.

“He could have hit another vessel or a late-night swimmer, he is also guilty of fleeing the scene of a maritime accident, speeding with a motorboat and the fact that we also have no evidence that he had not been drinking.”

The boat’s owner, Markus Maier, 43, was interviewed after the incident and informed that his insurance will not pay for the damage to the boat or pier, and that he will be receiving the bill.