Florida police catch up with pedalo burglar on Lake Tarpon

A thief that tried to make his getaway on a pedalo was caught after he called 911 when the pedalo broke down

Police in Florida have arrested a burglar that tried to make his escape using a pedalo only to call 911 when it broke down some 200 metres from the shore on Lake Tarpon in Florida.

The thief is thought to have taken the pedalo after being disturbed while trying to break into a nearby house but his boating inexperience soon proved his downfall.

One witness said, “He was screaming like he was scared to death. I don’t think he knew how to swim.”

Officers from Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office launched a motorboat to reach the man and take him into custody.

Sgt Tom Nestor said, “I’ve been doing this job for 27 years and I’ve never heard of anybody trying to get out in an open lake in a pedal boat to run from us.”

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Photo credit: Big Stock Photo