French authorities scupper Rib rescue plans

An operation to rescue stranded tourists in Calais by ferrying them home on RIBs was closed down by French authorities yesterday

An attempt to bring back stranded tourists in Calais yesterday on board several RIBs was thwarted after French authorities closed the operation down.

The attempt, led by TV presenter, Dan Snow, who was inspired by the Dunkerque evacuation, involved five RIBs, capable of carrying up to 10 passengers each, and the aim was to bring home those that had been stranded due to the volcanic ash cloud looming over Europe.

The RIBs had been donated for the purpose of the operation and the plan was to ask for donations from those rescued, with profits going towards the Help the Heroes campaign.

However, no sooner did the first RIBs arrive in Calais than the French authorities closed the operation down, giving “no reason”, according to the group’s Twitter updates.

The group, known as Calais Rescue, did manage to bring home 25 people on board three boats though (pictured leaving Calais) before the rescue was hampered.