The future of mooring? Seafloatech reveals eco-friendly anchor pod design

A new system of modular floating berths aims to reduce damage to the sea bed in anchorages with sensitive ecosystems...

Seafloatech is built around a central pod that is connected to the seabed using a single permanent anchor. An articulated mast is hooked to this base with a hydraulic piston that allows it to swing from side to side as well as rise and fall with the tide.

A number of different floating docks can then be attached to it depending on the area’s needs and aesthetics. These come in different shapes and sizes such as the snowflake design shown in the video above.

The idea is that multiple vessels can secure against it rather than deploying individual anchors, reducing damage to the seabed.

The Seafloatech system has already been awarded the Marin high-tech innovation trophy 2019 and was a finalist at Nautic 2019, the Paris Boat Show design competition.

Seafloatech describes its innovation as “a stable, ecological, safe, reversible and adaptable system for all types of pontoons or ships”.