Garmin extend warranty to two years

Includes most units but not hand-held GPS's

Garmin have announced the extension of their warranty policy to two years in the UK.

This will cover installations and stand-alone Garmin product purchases, excluding hand-helds.

To activate the warranty, customers are required to register at the “My Garmin” portal on the Garmin website.

Then, if any problem is encountered, the product can be simply packaged-up and returned to Garmin for investigation, replacement or repair, say the firm.

“Garmin have a swift turnaround service and aim to resolve any issues within one week.”

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Hand-held GPS units are not included and retain the current one year warranty.

For all of Garmin’s 3000, 4000 and 5000 units and their associated radars, sounder-modules and other ancillaries, the warranty registration is completed by the installation agent.

In the event of any faults within the warranty period, the customer contacts Garmin directly.

“Garmin will then arrange for a visit from the nearest agent who will swap-out the product or resolve the problem in-situ,” the firm say.

They add that they have “less than 0.25% returns rate”.