Girl, 14, loses leg following boating accident

A 14-year-old girl in the US is to have her leg amputated after it got caught in a boat’s propeller

A young girl is expected to lose her leg following a horrific accident in Palm Beach County, Florida, on Saturday.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Gabby Desouza is due to undergo surgery to remove her leg today following the incident.

Witnesses described how the horror unfolded after Miss Desouza and friends ran out to meet the boat. As the boat hovered with its engines revving in shallow water, Miss Desouza apparently tried to jump aboard but she moved away as a wave carried the boat towards the shore.

When a second wave hit, the boat was thrown into Miss Desouza and two other girls, with the propeller slashing Miss Desouza’s leg.

Initial reports suggest that the boat was a 22ft Cobia.

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Police are investigating the incident and have yet to decide if charges will be brought.