GM partner with American Power Boat Association

General Motors announce long-term partnership with American offshore powerboat scene

American offshore racing was given a boost during the recent APBA World Championships in Key West, Florida.

General Motors choose the week-long event to announce a new partnership with the American Power Boat Association. Bob Lutz, Vice-Chairman of GM along with seven other top executives were on hand to break the news as they watched their Vortec Powertrain engine power Nigel Hook’s Scarab, Lucus Oil GM, to championship success.

“GM’s sponsorship will put greater focus on the connection between the power under the hood of GMC trucks, vans and SUV’s and the power under the cowling of the boat,” said Rick Dunagan, GM Powertrain Director of Marketing and Sales.

Unlike the European commercial truck industry however the Vortec Powertrain engine relies on gasoline rather than diesel fuel underlining the low cost of petrol in America. Hence the power unit is unlikely to be seen on the Europe market.