Good news for boaters: UK heatwave set to continue

The current heatwave makes perfect boating weather and we can't quite believe our luck at three sunny weekends in a row

Over the past week it feels as though the whole of the UK has shifted closer to the equator, and with the south coast seeing close to 30-degree heat, those that have managed to get out on the water will be pleased that they’ve been able to make the most of it. But as always, there’s that niggling feeling that soon this heatwave will end and we’ll be plunged back into the cold.

But, good news, MBM can reveal that this weekend will be even hotter than last, with the south coast reaching highs of 32 degrees.

John Ejdowski of told MBM, “This heatwave looks set to continue, with Saturday looking like it will be the hottest day of the year – there won’t be much wind either. Up north it will be in the mid 20s, with a slight risk of rain over the Pennines due to the heat.”

It doesn’t stop there, either, as Ejdowski said that although by Wednesday it may start to cool off, it should heat up again before next weekend, with no sign of this weather ending before August.

With such fantastic weather unlikely to last the summer, its time to head to the boat and make the most of it.