HMS Bounty to appear at Southampton Boat Show

Visitors will be able to climb onboard the star of the upcoming epic Pirates of the Caribbean 3

National Boat Shows is hoping to cash in on summer blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean 3 by bringing one of the stars of the film to the Southampton Boat Show in September.

Not Kiera Knightly unfortunately, but HMS Bounty – the replica of the famous mutiny ship remade for the 1962 classic ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ starring Marlon Brando and more recently used in the third installment of the ‘Pirates’ series.

Visitors to the show will be able to climb onboard the historic ship, and learn more about the most infamous mutiny in history, which saw Fletcher Christian take control of the Bounty more than 200 years ago.

Professional actors playing the main protagonists will entertain visitors, while, somewhat incongruously, an actor playing Captain Jack Sparrow will “stalk guests and stumble round the ship”.

James Gower from National Boat Shows, organiser of the Southampton event, said: “We’re delighted that HMS Bounty, a ship of such historical importance as well as a famous movie star, is coming to the Southampton Boat Show. Such an attraction will generate mass appeal, and we’re expecting HMS Bounty to prove a real hit with all the visitors to the show.”

Entrance to the ship will be included with your show ticket price.