Honda seizes Kipor generators

Copyright infringement causes generators to be destroyed

Honda (UK) has seized and disposed of a UK company’s entire stock of Kipor generators in accordance with the terms of a UK Court Order.

In September 2006, Honda announced it had obtained an Order from the High Court of Justice restraining Procurement UK Limited from importing and selling certain Wuxi Kipor Power Co. Ltd (Kipor) generators in the United Kingdom.

Despite the Court Order, stock of the infringing Kipor models known as KGE1000tsi, KGE1300tc, KGE1300tsc, KGE2000tc, KGE2000ti, KGE3000tc and KGE3000ti has continued to enter the UK.

Primarily manufactured in China and sold in the United Kingdom under the name of the manufacturer or distributor, these generators utilise Honda’s patented technology without permission, therefore infringing Honda’s UK patents.

Honda (UK) has now carried out its “Big Crush” (pictured) and warns competitors that it will “always take action against those willing to flaunt the law”.

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