GoPro releases 200mph H1 Unlimited hydroplane crash video

Watching a hydroplane crash at 200mph is always a tense experience, and now action camera manufacturer GoPro has released on-board footage from one of these violent vessels

American powerboat race series H1 Unlimited has teamed up with GoPro to give us an insight into the insane world of hydroplane racing.

With a staggering 3,000hp on tap, these racing powerboats are some of the fastest on the planet – capable of speeds in excess of 200mph.

Minimal contact with the water makes turning difficult, so it’s hardly surprising to learn that 50% of races result in a pretty spectacular hydroplane crash.

In this video, action camera manufacturer GoPro gives us a driver’s eye view of what it’s like to experience full throttle in an H1 Unlimited hydroplane.

One competitor drifts into another racer’s wake, which is enough to send his hydroplane tumbling through the air, before landing facedown in the water.

H1 Unlimited does its utmost to keep the drivers safe, with capsules from F-16 fighter jets fitted, along with an independent oxygen supply.

The hydroplane racing series comes to an end in Qatar this weekend, with 15 teams competing in Doha from 20-22 November.