E1 racing: Updated Racebird electric foiling powerboat design revealed

The organisers of the E1 racing series have revealed the final look of its Racebird electric foiling powerboat.

Designed by 28-year-old founder of Seabird Technologies, Sophi Horne, with input from experienced race and leisure boat builders Victory Design, the latest shape has been toned down a little from the futuristic vision first shown earlier this year.

However, with its long bow, angular foils and super-sleek profile, it still looks unlike anything else on the water.

The power package has not yet been revealed but it will use a powerful electric motor linked to a Mercury Racing drive. Despite its long, slender profile, the target LOA is a mere 7m with a beam of 2m (3m with foils).

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Built out of carbon fibre, the finished craft will weigh only 750kg, helping it to skim above the water at speeds of up to 50 knots.

Although the new E1 racing series is Seabird’s current priority, it also plans to launch a larger leisure version in the future with space for six passengers and a range of 50nm.

Horne hopes to make these available as both private purchases as well as a network of boat-sharing clubs where people can hire them by the hour or day, with a skipper if needed.

The E1 racing series is due to launch next year with 10 races in different venues around the world.

Up to 12 teams will compete in identical Racebirds over tight courses close to shore. London, Monaco, Naples and Barcelona have all been mooted as potential venues.

The series is being promoted by Alejandro Agag, founder of the Formula E electric racing car series, and Rodi Basso, an electrical engineer with a passion for the sea and innovation and a background in Formula One and NASA.