Iconic Riva Aquariva to be redesigned

The Aquariva by Marc Newson brings this stunning classic bang up to date

The iconic Riva Aquariva has been given a fresh lease of life by Australian designer Marc Newson.

Not that the original model was looking old hat, it is renowned for being one of the most beautiful boats ever created.

Newson has designed everything from cars and furniture to watches and now he has turned his hand to what must be one of the toughest design jobs going.

The lines of the original boat lurk handsomely beneath the surface but the stern is where most of the treatment has taken place. Instead of sloping gently towards the surface of the water, the stern now tapers down to a blunt and purposeful square design.

The glossy wood of the original has been lost in this contemporary update too; in its place a wood-like textile based substitute.

Although only 22 of these boats will ever exist and all will be sold by New York art gallery Gagosian, it is a real boat and not just a flexing of artistic muscles. The finished product will be fitted with Twin Yanmar 360hp engines and is predicted to hit a top speed of 41 knots.