Images and virtual tours from the 2013 London Boat Show

There was so much product at this year's London Boat Show that we couldn't fit it all in the magazine, so check out our galleries and virtual tours at your leisure

If you didn’t get a chance to step on board all the boats at this year’s London Boat Show, then fear not, MBM did all the hard work for you (well, if you call getting to grips with lots of beautiful boats hard work).

Click on the boat names below to see images and virtual tours, or to read the full review of this year’s show pick up a copy of the March 2013 issue of Motor Boats Monthly.

Westwood C390 photos

Haines 32 photos

Sunseeker Predator 68 virtual tour

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Sunseeker San Remo virtual tour

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Princess 52 virtual tour

Princess 52 photos

Princess 82 photos

Broom 395 virtual tour

Broom 395 photos

Prestige 450

Prestige 450 photos

Larson All American 23 photos

Hacker Craft Sportabout photos

Ocean Master 640 Cabin photos

Finnmaster Pilot 7

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