Jaguar unveils new speedboat

The UK car brand has branched towards custom boats

The luxury car brand, Jaguar, has unveiled a sportsboat to go

with its new XF Sportbrake estate car. The 20′ (6.1m) boat, which is still in concept

stages, was designed with the help of Ivan Erdevicki Naval Architecture &

Yacht Design, but the Jaguar in-house design team hinted at a number of past

automotive models. A carbon fibre fin, similar to that found on the Jaguar D-Type, breaks

up the teak decking, whilst the polished fuel cap is a gentle nod towards the

Series 1 XJ. Whilst it may well be a publicity stunt, we are hopeful that the boat will make it in to production

See the gallery here

LOA [length over all]

6.1m / 20′

LWL [length water line]

5.3m / 17′, 5″


2.0m / 6′ 7″


0.4m / 1′,3″




2 + 1