Lester’s latest photos

Check out these great shots from MBY photographer Lester McCarthy

Welcome to the first of a new series from MBY online.

Every week we will print some of the latest shots taken by MBY’s acclaimed photographer Lester McCarthy.

Top lensman Lester has been taking photos for MBY for more than 25 years and has captured the magazine’s most iconic images.

Here are some of Lester’s latest, taken during a fantastic shoot off Studland Bay, near Poole, this week.

MBY’s technical team Dave Marsh and Greg Copp, as well as our award-winning writer Jack Haines (pictured), were driving Zodiac’s exciting brand new n-ZO cabin RIB.

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The Avon Adventure 850 and two Avon jet RIBs, the 430 and 320, were also taken out for a blast.

And the trio put two Williams jet RIBs, the mid-range 385 and flagship 445, through their paces too.

It was all for a jet RIB test we’ve got lined up for the next issue ofMBY.

Jack says: “The tests were great. The boats looked brilliant and the weather was superb – all we needed to get some cracking photos of these exciting craft in action.”

Enjoy the photos in the MBYgallery .

And look out for more of Lester’s shots next week!