Lifeboat turns pirate hunter

RNLI lifeboat to fight piracy in the Seychelles

An RNLI lifeboat which saved 133 lives has started a new career as an anti-piracy craft in the Seychelles. The 47ft Tyne-class boat was handed over to the Seychelles Coast Guard at its base on the island of Mahé by the British High Commissioner, Matthew Forbes.

Fortune, as the boat has been named, will be used on anti-piracy patrols and fisheries enforcement duties of the Seychelles inner islands and northern approaches.

“We know and appreciate just how committed the Seychelles government and Coast Guard are to protecting Seychelles from the threat of piracy”, said Mr Forbes, “and we are delighted at this opportunity to show our support by this gift”.

The lifeboat, which was built in 1988, was originally named The Baltic Exchange II and was launched on service 436 times during the 20 years it was stationed at Salcombe.