Linssen offers hybrid option with new 25.9

Dutch company teams up with Mastervolt to take hybrid power further mainstream

Hybrid power in boats has taken another big step towards the mainstream with the news that Linssen will offer its new 25.9 with electric power in a tie-up with Mastervolt.

The Dutch yard will fit Mastervolt’s DriveMaster 7.5 Ultra drive system in the boat, powered by a 48V Mass Combi and four lithium-ion batteries.

Yvonne Linssen from the company said: “Shifting to electric propulsion has many challenges, but co-operating with Mastervolt has given us a backup in knowledge and professionalism that enables us to introduce an electric model in an adequate time frame, safely and with the durability that people expect from us.”

The company claims that the hybrid system will offer eight hours of relaxed, fully electric cruising without the noise, vibration or emissions of a full-diesel unit.

Pricing and performance information for the hybrid 25.9 is not yet available.