Liverpool Boat Show is cancelled

This year's inaugural Liverpool Boat Show has been pulled just two months ahead of schedule

The Liverpool Boat Show has been cancelled due to poor support from within the marine industry.

A spokesperson for Liverpool Boat Show confirmed that crisis talks had been called over the weekend after boatbuilders and dealers expressed their concerns that another show at this time was just not economically viable.

Rob Mackenzie, managing director of Marine Industry Events (MIE), which was behind the show, said, “Our decision is obviously appalling news and it has been an extremely difficult decision to take, not least because of the enormous sense of responsibility and partnership we feel for everyone in Liverpool.

“The failure and the financial loss and its consequences is MIE’s to bear alone, but it is better to cancel the show to protect Liverpool’s reputation rather than to allow exhibitors who booked in good faith and visitors who would have travelled from all over the country in expectation of the participation of brands who’d made late decisions not to take part.”

Organisers said that holding the show without the support from the big names would have “killed it” at this stage but it did not rule out the possibility of holding the show in a couple of years when the economy was more stable.

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The full story on the collapse of the show will be reported in the April issue of MBM.