Local Notice to Mariners

Chichester motorboat sinking

Local Notice to Mariners No. 20 of 2007

Wreck in Hayling Bay

1. Mariners are advised that a 12 metre motor vessel has sunk in Hayling Bay approximately 1 nautical mile W x S of West Pole Beacon in position:

50º 45´.66 N, 00º 57´.99 W

2. A survey of the wreck, without specialist equipment, suggests that the wreck has a Charted Depth of 1.8 metres. The possibility that there is less water cannot be discounted.

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3. Trinity House propose to mark the wreck from the morning of Tuesday 11 September.

4. Mariners with deep draught vessels are advised to avoid the position when tidal conditions dictate.

5. Fishermen using towed gear such as trawls are advised against fishing in this area.

Lt Col JQ Davis OBE 10 September 2007

Manager and Harbour Master

Chichester Harbour Conservancy