LPG users meet

Poole meeting to drum up support and share info

Owners whose boats are converted to run on LPG are invited to meet at Cobbs Quay Marina, Poole, on Saturday 29 July.

Meeting organiser Walter Scott said: “The object is to get our numbers up and drain the Cobbs tank of its 4,000 litres in one day; also to weld the gas community together and to encourage the trade, both engine converters and LPG suppliers.

“If someone has an unconverted petrol boat we will welcome them as possible converts. It’ll be an ideal opportunity for them because there are trade people attending as well.”

Liquefied Petroleum Gas costs from around 35p per litre and is available at filling stations around the south of England and in Guernsey.

There will be no charge and anyone interested in going should contact Walter as soon as possible on drwfscott@btopenworld.com

Walter has also launched a regular users’ newsletter, featuring tips on LPG use, new boats commissioned, cruises and other news. Contact him to receive a regular free copy.