Marine Armor System highlights new pirate attack hotspots

The threat of pirate attacks has moved away from Somalia, according to a maritime security firm

Somali pirates have made headlines across the world over the past six years, but it seems that the threat of hijackings has moved on to new waters.

Nigeria, Indonesia and Malaysia are seeing an increase in pirate attacks, reports maritime security firm Marine Armor System.

The good news for motoryacht owners is that motives appear to be changing, with pirates now more likely to raid cargo ships for their oil, rather than attack leisure boats to take hostages, the company adds.

Silvia Valencia of Marine Armor System said: “Pirate attacks seem to be moving from East Africa to Nigeria and other countries in West Africa along with Indonesia and the Strait of Malacca.

“In the latter two areas, attacks are becoming more aggressive; knives and katanas were once a popular choice for attackers, but today firearms and military weapons are being used.”

In 2012, maritime piracy cost the world economy more than £3billion, the non-profit organisation Oceans Beyond Piracy estimates.

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