Marines take over the Thames

Royal Marines boats on Thames all this week practising for the Olympics

Royal Marines boats will be out in force on the Thames all this week as they practice security measures in preparation for the Olympics. They are using a variety of craft including jetskis, RIBs, Rigid Raiders, and Offshore Raiding Craft, and are working closely with the Metropolitan Police’s Marine Policing Unit.
Upwards of 140 commandos and police personnel are involved in the five-day exercise which is designed to ensure the civilians and military can work hand-in-hand during the large-scale operation this July and August.
Helicopters are also likely to be involved in this week’s exercise which, said the Met’s Assistant Commissioner Chris Allison. “It is all part of our planning to ensure this summer’s events take place safely and securely.
“It is not in response to any specific threat”, he added, but is “part of our planning to pre-deploy certain specialist assets to bolster our operation”. During the games HMS Ocean, the Royal Navy’s biggest warship, will be moored on the river at Greenwich as a base for personnel and for helicopters.