MBY readers needed for long-life antifoul trial

Makers of Clearcoat looking for 100 MBY readers to apply product to their boats

The makers of a new long-life antifoul called Clearcoat are looking for MBY readers to take part in a trial of the product.

One hundred selected readers will be sent enough Clearcoat to cover a one square metre section of hull and asked to run their boats as normal for a complete season.

If the results are successful, all those taking part will be able to buy enough of the antifoul to cover their entire boat at a 33% discount.

To sign up for the trial, you need to send an email with your name, phone number and boat’s make, model, LOA and location to info@marinetesting.com.

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The new antifoul is featured in the June issue of MBY. You can download the feature here, and see the other terms and conditions that apply.

On paper, Clearcoat looks like it could herald a massive advance in boat antifouling.

It works by creating a super-smooth surface on your hull that marine life can’t adhere to, and is said to last for up to five years.

This new surface is so smooth that Clearcoat’s makers say performance is improved, and it’s also environmentally friendly, containing no biocides, metals or volatile organic compounds.

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