Minister: no tax on marine diesel in Guernsey

But duty on all petrol to go up

Diesel for marine use will not be taxed in Guernsey, it was confirmed today.

The island’s treasury and resources minister, Lyndon Trott, told MBM: “There will be absolutely no duty on marine diesel and there is no intention of putting duty on diesel because the States of Guernsey recocgnises that the leisure marine market is incredibly important to the island and it wants to be a welcome place for visiting boaters.”

There will, however, be a higher level of duty imposed on petrol for road and marine use from 1 January 2008, Trott said.

Duty on petrol will be raised from its current level of 6.8p to between 20p-25p. Duty on diesel for road use will also be raised. The step was taken to increase duty on fuel to replace the island’s road tax system.