Moonraker hits sunken Bentley

A bemused boater bashed into a fancy car on the River Lee last week

A boater came across an unexpected obstacle on the River Lee last week – when he hit a Bentley Continental GT.

According to The Sun, the Bentley ended up in the river after an employee from a nearby car graphics company went to move a customer’s car and lost control.

The incident occurred on 2 April on the River Lee at River View Road, off Jeffreys Road in Enfield. The fire brigade responded and searched the car before confirming that there was nobody trapped inside.

Firefighters were unable to retrieve the car, as they did not have a winch strong enough so it was left in the river for 36 hours before insurance contractors were able to remove it.

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British Waterways (BW) marked the wreck with buoys and the river was closed between Stonebridge Lock in Tottenham and Waltham Abbey in Essex until the car was removed.

The unfortunate boater had cruised from Stapleford Abbotts – clearly oblivious to BW’s warnings – when his Moonraker 30,Galatear, hit the sunken wreck. His boat escaped relatively unharmed

Credit: Paul Wood