Motor Boat Dolly

New device for moving a boat while in a cradle

A yacht cradle company has come up with this new portable cradle system, called the Motor Boat Dolly.

It allows motorboats of up to 4 tonnes can be wheeled around a yard or driveway while in a cradle.

The Yacht Leg and Cradle Company managing director Paul Williams said: “With the increase in demands from insurance companies for properly designed and engineered cradle storage for all boats, a number of our customers asked us to look into the development of a cost-effective Motor Boat Dolly which can safely store a boat, but can also be moved around a paved area or showroom without the need for a full trailer.

“This makes moving vessels far easier and be more flexible than trailers. It also means in the tight surrounds of most sales showrooms the Motor Boat Dolly can actually save a considerable amount of space.”

A pair of Dollies will carry up to 4 tons displacement. Rubber pads are fitted to fully protect the hull.

The new Motor Boat Dolly can be seen for the first time at METS Amsterdam from 18 November.