Motorboats destroyed by blazing hybrid

Greenline 33 ablaze in Mecklenburgischen, Germany

A fire that broke aboard a

Greenline 33 hybrid-powered motorboat, spread to a nearby steel cruiser before

being brought under control at a marina in Germany last week.

The Greenline was being

chartered by three friends, who had gone ashore to sign in at the harbour

master’s office when there was what was described as an explosion aboard.

A teenager on the

neighbouring steel cruiser at Stadthafen Waren in Mecklenburgischen,

was slightly injured by the blast, but he managed to escape before flames

spread from the blazing hybrid when it drifted alongside. Firefighters tackled

the fires aboard both boats, but the hybrid later sank raising fears that fuel

aboard might cause local pollution.

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Damage is reported to exceed €0.5 million, and an investigation has been launched to

find the cause of the initial explosion.