Multinational ships provide hurricane relief for Plymouth

Warships gather in Plymouth to help the hurricane 'victims'

A gathering of huge warships from Russia, France and the USA have converged on Plymouth to take part in a humanitarian training exercise.

They will join the Royal Navy frigate HMS Kent in coping with a simulated hurricane disaster, dealing with fires, establishing essential services, and providing food, water and medical treatment for the imagined ‘victims’.

In addition to HMS Kent,  the exercise FRUKUS 2010 will involve the destroyers Severomorsk from Russia (pictured above) and Primaguet (France), plus the command ship USS Mount Whitney.

“The specific objectives of the exercise will focus on operating together as a task group”, said Rear Admiral Chris Snow.

The exercise will take place from 22 – 25 July 2010 at sea and on land in the disaster relief training area at Devonport Naval Base.