New office for NCI

National Coastwatch Institution gets new base

The National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) has opened a new central administrative office in Exeter.
The new centre has been created to respond to the administrative needs of maintaining the various look out stations dotted around the UK coastline and is based at Basepoint Business Centre just off the M5.   

The main purpose of the station, which will at first be manned by volunteers with out of office back up, will be to deal with both station and external enquiries providing a more consistent service and quicker response times.

The new office will also house the currently homeless NCI Shop and be a place where all administrative records can be housed together in a secure environment.

NCI chairman Jon Gifford says: “With this single point of reference, NCI will be now able to communicate more professionally and effectively, both externally as well as internally, as an organisation. It should also serve to bring our stations closer to the centre as they receive better support”. 


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