Norwegian warship blown up in missile test

There was a huge blast as a new anti-ship missile hit the decommissioned Norwegian frigate Trondheim amidships

A Norwegian warship has been blown up in a missile test off the coast of the island of Andøya.

A huge explosion rocked the decommissioned Norwegian frigate Trondheim when it was hit by a new long-range Naval Strike Missile. The 880lb missile hit Trondheim on her port side amidships and the resulting explosion effectively obliterated much of the superstructure and nerve centre of the vessel.

“The damage to the target ship was as expected and cleanup went according to plan”, said Stig Klynderud who was in charge of the test. Trondheim was later towed back to harbour to allow technical experts to fully assess the damage.

The subsonic missile, which is four metres long and carries a 275lb warhead, is fitted with its own GPS system and has a range of nearly 100 miles. Trondheim, which was built in 1966 and withdrawn from service seven years ago after running aground, may be scrapped or used for further tests.


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