Number 10 responds to red diesel petition

Government says there is "no scope" for overturning EC's decision

Number 10 last night said there was “no scope” for overturning the European Commission’s decision not to renew the derogation that allowed the UK’s leisure boaters to fill up with low-duty red diesel.

The Government was responding to an e-petition lodged with Number 10 towards earlier this year by the National Association of Boat Owners.

The petition, which collected 1721 signatures, called on those in power to “resists the EC’s decision, or failing this to put all possible brakes on its effects or find some loophole”.

In its response, Downing Street said it understood the disappointment felt by boatowners, and added that it would be “exploring the options for the most appropriate implementation” of a higher rate of duty for marine diesel.

It is widely believed that such implementation will take place sometime next year, after a round of consultation still to be launched by the Government.

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Meanwhile, a new e-petition has been launched, calling on Number 10 to “reverse the decision to stop the sale of red diesel for pleasure craft”. To see the petition, go here.