On-line toll facility for Broads boaters

Broads Authority's on-line incentive to help ease the process of toll payments

Broads boat owners who are already registered to use

the Broads will now be able to renew their tolls online.

This aim of this new incentive is to make the process

as easy as possible by reducing the administration time. However, the Broads

Authority say that the facility is not yet available to owners whose boats are

not already registered for Broads use. Although they have indicated this

facility will be available for newcomers in the future, they were unable to

provide us with an idea of when it would become active.

For those eligible to sign up, all you need to do is

go to https://tolls.broads-authority.gov.uk

and register for the toll. You will then be sent a pin number, which gives

access to the site. After signing a third party insurance declaration, and

provided Boat Safety Certificates are up to date, a new toll can be purchased.

Owners will also be able to update their mooring location and order tide tables


Ouse and Cam boaters, on the other hand are facing difficult times with changes and increases to the licence system. Keep an eye out for the April issue of MBM which reports on the concerns and how the authorities behind the changes face losing river users altogether. To subscribe click here.