A dating website exclusively for skippers of the sea

Those salty sea dogs who are seeking love should look no
further than seacaptaindate.com, a website to help you find your first mate.

The site, which has been running since 2007, claims that
they are the premier dating service for sea captains, and claims to have hit a

With such an increase in members, they are unable to cope
and are delaying the creation of new profiles whilst they upgrade their

A quick scan of the profiles show an array of admirals, with
one stating he is looking for a woman “with a trunk I can drop my anchor in”,
another claims to have a Jacuzzi on his boat, and one who proudly states, “when
I’m not driving my boat, I’m driving my benz.”

Bill kay, CEO of seacaptaindate.com said, “In the
unforgiving ocean of love, let us be your lighthouse.’ Roger the cabin boy,
however, was not available for comment.