Out of date flares don’t make good fireworks

Warning for Bonfire Night celebrations

Boaters are being warned about letting off flares this weekend on Bonfire Night.

Flares which are in-date should only be used in emergency, while out-of-date flares should be disposed of properly and not used at all, say the experts.

Boaters are often tempted to set off flares as fireworks. Bonfire Night is 5 November and most fireworks displays will take place this weekend.

The warning comes after the recall by Pains Wessex of more than 52,000 of its White Collision Warning (MK7) Hand Flares, Item No 52651, last year.

The recall was made after a flare exploded and shot through the body of the man firing it, almost killing him.

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Most have been recalled but some of the flares in question are still at large.

Pains Wessex say: “Flares are pyrotechnic devices and must be stored, handled and used with care and in accordance with manufacturer’s safety instructions. They must only be used in an emergency.

“At date of expiry they must be disposed of carefully in accordance with regulations in force at that time. Flares should never be used after the expiry date stated on them.”

The Pains Wessex White Collision Warning (MK 7) Hand Flare Item No 52651 is sold on its own and is also contained as a part of the Collision Warn-Off Kit and the ORC RORC Distress Kit.