Parasailing tourists cut loose in Ibiza boat accident

Strong winds snapped the parasailing tether, leaving two tourists facing a 160ft drop

An adrenaline ride gone wrong left a terrified couple facing a 160ft drop in Ibiza earlier this week (24 September).

The perilous situation arose when strong winds caused the towboat’s tether to snap, leaving Shuang He, 21, and Zhen Tuan, 30, adrift in mid-air.

Serious injury was averted when they managed to land on the ninth-floor roof of the nearby Hotel Milord.

Quick-witted onlooker Martin Makepeace captured the incident on camera and later posted the picture above on Twitter.

Eyewitness Beltran Valdes told the local press: “It was still worrying because they could have fallen at any stage.

“They hit the building with a fair whack, I can’t believe they weren’t seriously hurt.”

The Chinese couple, who live in Germany, were later admitted to hospital with minor head injuries and bruising.

Parasailing company Mambo claimed that there had been no warnings of high winds on the day. Spanish officials have launched an investigation.

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