PLA warns of drunkenness during Jubilee

The Port of London are calling on captains of the 1000 boats to stay sober

The Port of London Authority is warning those taking part in The Queens Diamond Jubilee Pageant to not drink and drive.

Just like driving a car, it is illegal to drink and drive a boat – something the Port of London Authority is trying to enforce during the event on June 3.

In a meeting last week, it was reported by the Evening Standard that Richard Everitt, PLA chief executive said, “We urge that the person in charge of the boat and at least one other person on board not to drink alcohol so their judgment is not impaired.”

He also said, “Boats will be surrounded by hundreds of others in close proximity and there are 14 bridges to negotiate. It will require a high level of concentration.”
Vessels will be checked between Hammersmith and Putney for sea worthiness, which will also include checking the boat isn’t overloaded and that the captain is sober.

More than 90 PLA staff will be marshalling the 1000 boats in convoy from 40 PLA vessels.