Plans underway for Thames Diamond Jubilee pageant

A total of 1000 vessels, including 60 from the leisure sector, will be taking part in one of the biggest events in history

This year’s Thames Diamond Jubilee pageant

in celebration of Her Majesty The Queen’s 60-year reign, on Sunday 3 June,

promises to one of the biggest spectacles in modern time. With estimates of

well over a million spectators lining the banks of the Thames, it could turn

out to be one of the largest public events ever held in London.

Over 1000 boats are taking part in the celebrations, which will cover a seven-mile stretch of the Thames from Putney, downriver to Tower Bridge. Spirit of Chartwell, the Royal Barge carrying Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, will be among the leaders of the procession, while further down the fleet, 60 leisure motorboaters will enjoy a once in a life time experience.

Boris Johnson talking from City Hall this morning said: “It is going to be quite stunning here in London. Let’s show London off at its best, let’s have a pre event to the Olympic Games, and let’s create a platform for a summer like no other.”

For full story including an idea of what to look out for on the day, watch out for the next issue of MBM (March issue).

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