Proposed changes to moorings in London’s waterways

IWA suggests creating more moorings, reducing stay times for visitors and adding ‘shopping moorings'

The Inland Waterways Association wants to create new long-stay and shoppingmoorings, add moorings to basins and marinas and reduce the maximum stay atvisitor moorings around central London.
A Proposal for Reducing Overstaying Boats in the London Area, published this week, sets out recommendations for “a new regime of mooring in London based on a mixture of greater enforcement and self-regulation”.

The charity outlines the need for a new type of mooring for boaters who don’t have home moorings and need to spend considerable time moored in London. Itsuggests creating a new community mooring scheme based on a permit that includes a transitional agreement and treats holders like those with a home mooring.
The IWA also recommends introducing ‘shopping moorings’ next to major shopping facilities in the capital. These spaces would restrict visitors to a four-hour stay with a non-return period of three days. The association wants to extend maximum stays and non-return periods to short-stay visitor moorings throughout central London.
Acknowledging the large demand for affordable residential moorings, the IWA said it would support the provision of off-line moorings of all sizes in basins and marinas. The association pledged to “press all stake holders including navigation authorities, the GLA and local authorities in the area covered by the London Region to develop a strategy for the provision of residential moorings in the area.”
You can read more details about the proposed changes to moorings in London on the IWA website.