Rizzardi’s new logo shows passion

A new focus on people...

The Italian Rizzardi Group, who own Rizzardi, Posillipo and Italcraft, have unveiled their new “modern, distinctive and dynamic” advertising logo.

The firm say the revamped design conveys “sea experience” and symbolises “togetherness”.

The red in the logo represents a passion for yacht building and the group’s three marques’ core commitment to their clients.

The blue, naturally, signifies the sea.

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And the “in” prefix to the word Rizzardi is, according to the company’s statement, “for sharing-in at Rizzardi, for the communities who are a part in the Rizzardi world and will always be”.

The whole image can be interpreted as “a new corporate organization and a new focus on people”.

It is “strong and mild at the same time, transmitting with great immediacy all that is behind the group, returning to the warmth and to the experience of life”.

Finally, it interprets the “sense of welcome and protection that every person that becomes part of this family experiences”.